Disposable sink filter
Disposable sink filter
Trash net
Trash net
Trash net
Trash net

Trash net

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Your sink is clean, and food remains and waste are easily collected in one place with our TRASH NET. No more blocked drains.

The TRASH NET is a phenomenal solution, try it and see for yourself.

See how practical it is

A trash net that is placed over the sink is a phenomenal solution. Easy, fast, practical.

Quick installation

Place the support easily with double-sided self-adhesive tape, and the net even easier and faster by simply hanging it on the support. It fits nicely into the look of the kitchen and does not take up space for washing.

It filters literally everything

Only liquid passes through the net, while all waste is retained and ready for disposal. There is no accumulation of debris in the grate and no clogged drain.

Simply throw the net in the bin
Throw the full net in the bin and place a new net and it's ready to use

Technical information

The trash net in the package comes with a carrier made of quality plastic in various colors, double-sided self-adhesive tape for hanging on the sink and 100 nets.

Packing List 1:
1 x Strainer holder
100 x Filter bags
1 x Tape

Packing List 2:
100 x Filter Bag

Material: PP+cloth+glue
Color: green, blue, grey
Size: about 21*21*2.5cm/8.27*8.27*0.98inch

How to install:
1.Use scissors to cut a part of the tape.
2.Attach pre-cut adhesive tape to both sides of the reverse side of the strainer holder.
3.Wipe the edge of the sink with a paper towel, press the strainer holder firmly
against the edge of the sink, and wait for 24 hours before using it.
4. Secure the filter bag on the holder to complete the installation.